Michigan Jedi

Welcome to Michigan

This chapter is not a strict group. We do not have predetermined schedules, meetings, class's and expectations. (For Now) This chapter is simply a way point for other Michigan and traveling Jedi to meet-up, communicate, and hang out.

We encourage other Michigan Jedi and travelers to contact us and set up times to meet, train, or to simply enjoy pizza a movie, and each others company

IF and that's a big IF we gather enough members in this area who have proven themselves determined, responsible, and eager enough we MIGHT consider setting up a more stable foundation that includes class work, training, and representation.

The Michigan Meet-up group is not limited to just Jedi, anyone and any belief is both welcome and encouraged to join. If a more stable chapter is set up later on down the road, then we, as a group, shall determine how we shall represent ourselves and which flag we wish to carry. For now, we are simply a group of open minded individuals interested in meeting other like minded people in the area.

~Kitsu Tails